Leberìdes is the oldest known name of La Maddalena Archipelago. In the writings of Pliny the Elder, the term is
translated from Greek in“Insulae Cuniculariae,” which means “Islands of the Rabbits” as well as “Islands of the
Channels;”these names will appear again in the ancient topographic maps, especially referring to the archipelago’s
northern islands, which were called exactly Isole dei Conigli (‘Islands of the Rabbits’) or Conigliere (‘Warrens’), and
in later toponomy: “Isole dei Carrugi” and “Isole dei Budelli” (‘Islands of the Alleys’). In these old lands populated
by thousands of rabbits, between shreds of land that up to the Middle Age provided docking and shelter to the
Saracen and Barbaresque pirates, the sea and the wind, unchanged, spread their wings.

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